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Nicko’s Construction is one of the most highly honor general contractor in New York. From our first project to your project, our business philosophy remains the same: deliver first class construction, completed timely and on budget.

Nicko’s Construction is one of New York ‘s most respected home renovation company. Our reputation as a home improvement contractor, prime flooring contractor, general contractor, and renovation contractor have been built over the 18 years by providing clients with exceptional service and producing exceptional results.

Nicko’s Construction
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It's been‚ a pleasant experience building our dream home with you all. The workmanship of all your general contractors and subs was done with the ...
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5.06It's been‚ a pleasant experience building our dream home with you all. The workmanship of all your general contractors and subs was done with the highest quality and in a timely

Aging is an irreversible process, so sooner or later you will need to address a general contractor to do some repair jobs around your property. As a general contractor that has been in business for 16 years, we know the good and the bad party a remodeling project has. From adding a curb appeal to a house to simply giving a home better functionality, A general contractor conclude a contract for home removation.the work can go so much easier when there is a general contractor on board. Don’t just let anyone have access to the repair projects in your home, hire a generel contractor with a  good reputation, operating in New York.

We know that money is a factor for most people to hire expert repair and remodeling services, so we try to keep our rates affordable.  That will enable you to still book the remodeling professional you want, within a budget you can afford. While some companies may victim quality to give you lower prices, we offer prices that are reasonable and results that will never fail to amaze you with their quality. The workmanship and materials you will receive if you book Nicko’s Construction are second to none.

Are you tired of living in that home that looks old and neglected? If your  home needs to be updated, if your bathroom tiles need to be replaced or your window shutters need to be repainted ask a expert.

Whenever you need a general contractor to make sure a job is done right the first time, call Nicko’s Construction.

Don’t implicate your entire family in a time consuming and costly do-it-yourself project, release the stress by hiring an expert to deal with your home remodeling.

All of our construction services are customized to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are thinking of a custom luxury home design, a whole house renovation, a A general contractor review plan of house.home addition, a renovated bathroom or  kitchen, Nicko’s Construction is qualified to deliver outstanding quality, on-time performance, and on-budget completion.

If you want to make a change in your home, whether large scale or just a tweak, then you may want to think about getting help with your home improvements. Thankfully, these days there is plenty of help out there, as you can even just look online to find all the advice and expert services you need.

There are all kinds of home improvements you can make, from small adjustments to huge alterations such as adding a storey onto your house. The great thing about having your own home is that you can actually tailor it to your needs and tastes, so you can really make it your sanctuary.

If you feel that you need more space, if you have a new family coming in or just want some breathing room, then you might want to think about doing some improvements to develop the property. If you look to Nicko’s Construction services you can find plenty of tips and advice on this, such as who to get help from as well as what kind of things you can do. This is a excellent way to get ideas as well as find the most experienced and reliable people to help you construct your new extension.

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Here at Nicko’s Construction, we know that your property is a huge investment for you. That is why we strive to carry out all building services as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest standards following agreed schedules and budgets.

WHY CHOOSE US?A general contractor shows samples of tiles for bathroom.

  • Experienced builders
  • Excellent service
  • Gas safe registered contractors
  • Competitively priced
  • Free quotes to home owners
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

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Nicko’s Construction is a professional general contracting company that provides an affordable, skilled and professional service covering a wide range of handyman, property maintenance, and makeover services, from repairing and installing windows and doors to stopping leaking taps and building flat packs. We specialize in carrying out all those small jobs around your home or office quickly and efficiently. Making completing your property maintenance and handyman jobs a pleasant experience.

Our professional and highly experienced staff are expert in delivering all types of commercial flooring on time and on budget. We’re based in New York and deliver our flooring services throughout the New York and all surrounding areas.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and improvise your lifestyle by improvising your home. Call us today at (646) 549-5216 or complete our contact form.

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